What Does Direct Cremation Cost?

Direct Cremation is a very affordable option when compared with a traditional, full service funeral.

How much should I expect to pay for Direct Cremation?

In New York City, Direct Cremation costs typically range between…$1,495 to $10,000…plus crematory expenses that range from $165 to $455 depending on location. Other costs that can effect price are: deaths occuring at home where additional assistance is needed, pacemaker removal, the number of certified copies of the death certificate chosen, $15 each in N.Y.C.

What factors into the cost of Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation costs in Manhattan are based on the prices set by each individual funeral home. Family-owned firms, also known as independently owned, are generally the most reasonably priced. Corporate entities are publicly traded companies and tend to be more expensive. Be sure to ask the funeral home representative if the firm is family owned or corporate. When considering costs, keep in mind the type of services you’re looking for, which could include:

  • Scattering at Sea
    Cremated remains (a.k.a. ashes or cremated remains) are brought to a location, 3 nautical miles at sea, by an authorized licensed company and are scattered. Scattering ashes at Sea can be arranged with or without loved ones on board the vessel.
  • Traditional Burial or Entombment of Ashes
    The cremated remains are interred or entombed in a cemetery or memorial park, typically in a urn.
  • Shipping to Other Locations
    In some cases, the cremated remains are shipped to another domestic or international location. This incurs additional costs due to shipping expenses, consulate fees and authenticating paperwork required.
  • Urn Selection, if desired
    Urns come in many different shapes, sizes and materials and selected for different purposes. Depending on the type of urn selected, this can have an impact on the overall price.

How do most people pay for Direct Cremation?

Due to the relative low cost for direct cremation, people pay for services with a credit card, cashiers check, cash or proceeds from a pre-arranged funeral account.


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