What is Direct Cremation all about?

Also known as Simple Immediate Cremation, Direct Cremation is becoming more common for those looking for uncomplicated plans at the time of death. As such, Direct Cremation tends to be significantly more simplified and affordable than a traditional burial.

Why choose Direct Cremation?

There are many reasons why Direct Cremation is chosen over other types of cremation. This includes, the deceased’s final wishes, time constraints and cost.

What happens once someone who chooses Direct Cremation passes away?

In New York City, at the time of death, the deceased is removed from the place of death and taken to the funeral home where the deceased is held until the time of cremation. Once the necessary paperwork and authorizations are completed, the deceased is then taken to the crematory. Although there may be a brief moment of closure with close family and friends or an identification, if requested, there is no formal ceremony or gathering.

Do I need to purchase a casket or urn?

You do not have to purchase a casket. Instead, you can select an alternative container which can include a minimal cardboard cremation container, a simple pine box or a veneer wood cremation option.

Like caskets, you do not have to select an urn with direct cremation. However it is important to consider what the final disposition of the cremated remains will be:

  • Keeping the cremated remains at home
  • Scattering the cremated remains at sea
  • Interment or entombment in a cemetery or memorial park


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